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Photographs are the simplest way to demonstrate Dr. Hargrave's impressive results. Whether it's a complete body transformation for a post-weight loss patient, a nose that is in balance with a teenager's face, or shapelier breasts for a mother of three, he uses plastic surgery to improve lives.

Choose from a Variety of Specialties

Dr. Hargrave does so many things well. His cosmetic surgery specialties include facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and body transformation after weight loss. Dr. Hargrave is also skilled in reconstructive surgeries after cancer ablation and has a long standing interest in complex hand problems ranging from birth defects to traumatic injuries.

By taking the time to truly
listen, Dr. Hargrave
understands the changes his
patients want. Through years
of experience, refined surgical
skill, and a natural sense for
beauty, he can make
these changes reality.

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